Indicative Price Plans*

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Affordable Live-in Care: (covering basic needs like: bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning and toilet visits): The Care Worker resides with the care user with the stipulation that he or she is on call for basic needs for 5 hours in the day and 1 hour at night.

Supervisory live in care from £700 per week

Mild Dementia from £800 per week

Intensive live in care from £900 per week 


Hourly Rates: We stipulate a minimum of 2 hour shifts           

During weekdays from 7am to 10pm: £16 per hour 

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: £17 per hour 

Night time Rates: £18 per hour 

*Prices are exempt of VAT. Travel costs may be added for all but live-in care workers


Funding Options

Many people would prefer to be cared for at home rather than move into a care home or other institution. There are a wide range of financing options and government funding schemes which can help people achieve this.

Peepal Care is not authorised to provide financial or investment advice, and nothing on this website should be construed as such. We recommend you obtain independent financial advice from an advisor registered with the Financial Services Authority.


Direct Payments from Social Services

If your local council has agreed to provide funding for your care, you can use that money for a live-in care service of your choice instead. The funding allowance depends on your income and savings.

If you currently do not receive funding from your local Social Services department but wish to check if you are eligible, then a financial assessment can be arranged.

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Government Funded Independent Living Funds

Independent Living Funds provide financial support for disabled people between the age of 16 and 65, enabling them to stay in their own home instead of residential care. This funding disregards any earnings, include those of a partner, so you can continue to earn without losing any funding.

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Continuing Care (Health Funding)

Individuals who need a high degree of ongoing health care may qualify for Continuing Care. This funding will cover the full cost of care, as if the care was being provided in an NHS Hospital.

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State Benefits for part funding: Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment (New name from April 2013)

Attendance Allowance may be available to those aged 65 and over who need help with personal care due to a mental and/or physical disability, when their disability is severe enough for them to need help caring for themselves. It is tax-free and is not usually affected by individual savings or income. The amount that the claimant receives will depend on how much their disability affects them.

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Disability Allowance/Personal Independence Payment is similar to Attendance Allowance but for anyone under 65 who have a physical or mental disability who need help with walking or personal care.

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Private Funding via Equity Release

Private care funding schemes include Equity Release and Annuity based schemes, however there are also other options available.
Equity Release Schemes Include:
- Reversion Plans (sale of one's house)
- Interest-Only Mortgages
- Home Income Plans (mortgage used to buy an Annuity)
- Roll-up Mortgages (the lender gives the individual a lump sum, the individual pays nothing and the interest is rolled up into a loan)
- Shared Appreciation Mortgages
Some Equity Release arrangements gave the financial services industry a bad name and as a result a new voluntary code, SHIP - Safe Home Income Plans, came into being. An independent Financial Advisor will be able to provide advice to individuals, on which companies are part of this scheme. Peepal Care can refer you to professional financial advisors as and when needed.

Private Funding via Annuity Based Schemes

Annuity based schemes involve the payment of a lump sum of capital to a plan provider in return for a guaranteed income for life. This income is used to finance the cost of the care. A simple alternative to financing care might be a bank or building society loan. A loan may make good sense when care is liely to be required only for a brief time. It may also be the answer to financing care in the short term while longer term financial measures are considered and put in place.


Peepal Care can refer you to professional financial advisors as and when needed.