Home Care Re-ablement

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Peepal Care offers a personalised re-ablement service, supporting people towards independence by encouraging them to re-learn the skills needed to carry out their daily living tasks, rather than having other complete these tasks for them. By offering home care support that complements the contribution of family and friends, we can reduce the cost of reablement with an affordable rate.
Homecare re-ablement support can prevent hospital admission or a stay in a residential home following discharge from hospital. We are able to work as a team with community health staff and your GP to identify and agree with you a structured programme of activity designed to help regain daily living skills. We then track progress and review this to decide what is achievable and what is not.
Admission into hospital for an older person can be a traumatic experience, and discharge is often before a full recovery has been made. Having Peepal Care to support you through re-ablement care on a short term basis with one of our trained and qualifed care workers will ensure you get the encouragement, help and confidence needed to ensure a relapse is avoided, that might require you to once again leave the comfort of living in your own home.