Alzheimer's Support at Home

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At Peepal Care, our carers provide Alzheimer’s support to clients in a way that can enable them to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth and security by caring for them in a safe and familiar place – their own home. Moving someone away from their home, even for a short time, can often have a detrimental effect upon the patient, and indirectly their family and friends. Alzheimer’s support with Peepal Care offers emotional and physical support in familiar surroundings. Our carers understand that effective Alzheimer’s support can support clients to feel valued and respected.

Some Alzheimer’s support preparations are best done sooner rather than later. It may be hard to consider these questions first, as it means thinking about a time when your loved one is already well down the road of his or her Alzheimer’s journey. However, putting preparations in place early helps a smoother transition for everyone. At Peepal Care we will work with you to help support the person with Alzheimer’s in the decision-making process as much as possible.